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En route to the Mombasa airport you go through a road of flags from all countries. It struck me on this drive a couple of weeks back, that it may be cool to find out the number of nations there remain in my greatest space, alphabetically, in between nations that I have actually checked out. I then chose that it would be cool to devote to checking out, a long time in the next 5 years, the nation that would cut that space in half.

And though this was the most approximate and ridiculous of activities, I felt the hand of fate at work, due to the fact that it ended up that my greatest space– 13 nations– is in between the Netherlands and the Philippines, which Oman is smack in the middle of the 2, alphabetically speaking if not geographically.

Well, my last stop in Mombasa prior to heading to the airport had actually been Fort Jesus, where I discovered everything about the Omani impact on Mombasa and the area in basic. As I strolled through elaborately sculpted Omani doors and took a look at Omani pottery and fashion jewelry in the screen cases, it declared my desire to go to Oman, which initially arrived on my radar 2 or 3 years back when I started seeing it ( and Malta!) all over Instagram. The images look right out of “The Thousand and One Nights.”



At around the very same time, I was understanding that my direct exposure to the Middle East was very little (one nation, Israel) which it is an area well worth checking out, not just for its remarkable history and awesome landscapes however likewise for its modern culture.

Anyhow, I now know that deep space is calling me to Oman. Just time will inform if I’ll listen …

[Photos: Ian Sewell, bhart9070]