Togo: Lomé

Togo: Lomé


At the border in between Benin and Togo, I left the vehicle and strolled throughout the verge on foot. There were no issues, simply a bit of a wait. My chauffeur, who had some sort of laissez-passer travel file, crossed in his vehicle and satisfied me on the other side. IMG_6043

From there it had to do with an hour and a half to Lomé, where we parted methods. I had a day and a half to roam around the city prior to I was because of cross the border into Ghana and head to Accra.

Very first I strolled towards the grand market and went inside a Catholic Church that towered above it.


It wasn’t really fascinating on the within, a minimum of not after being ruined by the cathedrals in Paris


I rapidly left that part of town considering that crowded markets are good for about 5 seconds prior to they feel suffocating. I strolled for twenty minutes approximately till I concerned the part of town filled with federal government structures and a couple of high increases. I picture the community buzzes throughout the weekdays, however it was peaceful as a mouse on this specific Saturday.

Self-reliance Monolith, listed below.


Around the monolith is a huge traffic circle surrounded by federal government structures, ministries, embassies, and hotels. A group of kids were roller-blading in front of the Congressional Palace, doing loops while their coach yelled support. They were essentially the only individuals around, and the coach’s voice and the noise of wheels were the only thing breaking the stillness of the air. It felt truly serene. However likewise sort of boring, to be sincere.IMG_6094

I went to the Radisson Blu simply next door to utilize their restroom, and while I existed I had a look at the roof swimming pool, bar, and dining establishment. It was likewise almost empty. I seemed like Goldilocks, overwhelmed by the crowds downtown and underwhelmed by the absence of anything going on anywhere else.

Exact same story when I went to supper. IMG_6113

Given, I arrived on the early side, however I was the only visitor when I showed up, and the only individuals who was available in while I was consuming were an older couple and a wedding event celebration of 4– the bride-to-be in her wedding event dress, the groom in his fit, and moms and dads of one or the other.

The next day was Sunday, and I had actually been alerted that whatever is closed that day. I had not truly prepared to do much beyond hang out in Lomé, however considering what Saturday had actually resembled, I was sort of anxious that simply hanging out would bore me ridiculous. I was right.

Very first I returned to the Radisson Blu, which was still empty, to consume lunch. I completed the only book I had actually brought together with me and felt a pang of panic. IMG_6134 (2)

Possibly I must enter into a swimwear and take a taxi to the good beaches simply beyond town, I believed. However I’m truly not that much of a beach individual, I was currently hot and sticky sitting under a fan in the shade, and I simply didn’t seem like making the effort to go to the beach just to get sweaty and oily with sun block. (Simply in case I sound too ludicrous I must likewise advise you that I understood in a couple of days I ‘d be heading back to Dakar, where it’s a twenty minute walk to the beach from my home.)

I did have another location to go to prior to lacking things to do in Lomé, which was the Akodessewa Fetish Market, which is open 7 days a week and which Atlas Obscura calls the Voodoo Warehouse store of the world. In truth, it’s a little market with perhaps twenty stalls stacked high with animal skulls, skins and bones; the fetish market area of Cotonou’s main market has to do with the very same size. (I didn’t take pictures of either market due to the fact that you need to pay additional to do so and I do not mind not taking pictures of grisly things.)


After having actually had my mind blown by whatever Voodoo-related in Benin, and likewise after having had my fill of dead animals, and likewise after having actually seemed like a voyeur one a lot of times, I was much less thinking about looking at fetish markets by the time I got to Togo. My basic despair likewise made me question whether I was going through some adult variation of the post-birthday anxiety I utilized to get as a kid, when I would sink into the awareness I ‘d need to wait an entire ‘nother year till my next celebration. Compared to Abomey and Allada and Ouidah, Lomé simply didn’t stand an opportunity, regrettably.

It was just 3pm when I completed my trip of the fetish market, so I chose to go to the beach straight throughout the street from my hotel rather of the ones even more out of town.IMG_6162

Which’s where all individuals were! It resembled resolving a huge secret. They were collected in huge groups, consuming, playing soccer or beach ball, goofing around in the sand, relaxing. This enormous stretch of sand resembled all of Lomé’s backyard.IMG_6163IMG_6178IMG_6186

I invested some time strolling along the beach, delighting in other individuals’s satisfaction, and after that I headed back throughout the roadway to take a look at my preferred thing in Lomé– the stunning deserted mid-century structure listed below.


I’m unsure what it utilized to be, however I’m so thankful it’s still standing.

So there you have it, my really peaceful 36 hours in Lomé. In retrospection, I believe it was precisely what I required in between the energy and enjoyment of Benin and Ghana.

I am going out on a shoot in the Casamance area of Senegal for about a week on Sunday, so I will not navigate to publishing once again for some time … However I’ll choose back up with Ghana when I return. Till then, have a beautiful time on and off the Web!