the weekend is here …

the weekend is here …


… and I have a couple of links– all from the New York City Times– burning a hole in my inbox pocket. So prior to I leave you to your weekend adventuring, here they are:

This is sci-fi come to life. Given that I was a youngster irritated by needing to put my concepts into words, I have actually desired a tool that might read my mind and move my pre-verbalized ideas into another individual’s brain, and vice versa. I never ever, ever believed it was in fact possible. Well, this comes quite close:

On The Other Hand, this is the story of the last 3 years of my life, and maybe it resonates with your life story too?:

I have actually been believing a lot about “reasonable trade tourist” just recently, and I plan to discuss it here as quickly as I have time to compose my comprehensive ideas in a rather arranged way. In the meantime, I discovered this short article on ethical travel thought-provoking– particularly how directly they specified the term for the functions of the short article.

When I check out the short article listed below, it sounded extremely familiar. I browsed my blog site and lo and behold, 4 years back, in a post with a practically similar title to this one, I connected to an earlier New york city Times short article about this exact same specific topic It stays interesting.