The legend continues

The legend continues


Simply in case you are on the edge of your seat awaiting an upgrade on my tale of issue …

I wish to present you to 2 close buddies of mine.

Here’s Perry, my dientamoeba fragilis:


I think he settled in my intestinal tracts relatively just recently, possibly in Ghana. Obviously he’s a crafty man who averts detection, so I’ll never ever understand for sure where or when I chose him up.

And here’s Zoey, a blastocystis hominis who’s been with me for a minimum of a year:


Since the repercussions of harboring this specific parasite are clinically uncertain, when Zoey appeared in my test results last summertime, my gastroenterologist chose to neglect her for the minute and focus rather on dealing with other things that were most likely to be triggering my intestinal tract distress.

This time around, I saw my integrative medication medical professional prior to my GI, and when she found that I now have not one however 2 parasites calling my intestinal tracts house, she recommended a ten-day course of metronidazole, which passes the drug name Flagyl. I’m 3 days in and it is making me very upset and lightheaded. It is likewise most likely doing a great deal of civilian casualties to my gut, however who understands. It’s all extremely uncertain. A lot is unidentified about gastrointestinal health; it’s discouraging.

Still, I enjoy to be doing something, anything, to get my home back in order. And by my home I suggest my body, since what is my body if not my house? Parasitic visitors are not invite in it.

I saw my GI the day after I saw my integrative medication medical professional, and though she concurred with the course of treatment, she likewise informed me not to anticipate excessive from tossing out these house crashers. She stated that attaining anything near to a well balanced microbiome is difficult for individuals like me, which I might still feel shitty even after the parasites leave the properties.

Still, I’m ecstatic about the existence (and impending departure) of my 2 parasites. It suggests that I can perhaps blame something different from myself for my gastrointestinal failings. It likewise opens a brand-new front in the fight for my gut health. Heretofore I had actually been combating once again generic bad germs and basic bacterial imbalances; now I am combating versus 2 extremely particular opponents with extremely particular names.

So, after leaving the very first medical professional’s workplace, I discovered myself gladly humming a tune we utilized to use the record gamer when I was a kid, “ Me and My Teddy Bear” Just I was singing “Me and My Parasites.” I wound up composing a complete adjustment that is now stuck in my head:

Me and my parasites
They have actually got strong occupants rights
Simply me and my parasites
They play and play all the time

I dislike my parasites
They keep me up both days and nights
Oh I dislike my parasites
They prey and prey all the time

Every night they’re with me
As I go up the stairs
And in my guts they glow
And provide me hazardous flares

However me and my Flagyl tablet,
Are out to get em, eliminate kill eliminate!
Simply me and my Flagyl tablet
We kill and kill all the time

Then me and my one body
Sans parasites and I’m released
Simply me and my one body
I hope and hope all the time

I took pleasure in the workout a lot that I believed, perhaps I should compose a book of poetry called “Rhymes for the Digestively Distressed”? It’s an uncaptured specific niche market for sure …

[Top photo: Osvaldo Gago; parasite photos: CDC]