summer season journeys, in and near to New York City

summer season journeys, in and near to New York City

convention hall and boardwalk

It appears like I’ll be utilizing my leisure time in Senegal (and Côte d’Ivoire, where I’ll be heading on Monday) to blog about other locations I have actually been this year. It’s paradoxical in some methods, however it’s likewise reflective of what I discover so beautiful about being here. This part of the world assists me to decrease and offers me with the headspace to sit still and believe, and ultimately, to compose.

So, despite the fact that we are half a year out of summer season, I’m going to publish photos from a couple of excursions that I drew from and in New York City in August( ish). I indicate, next summer season is midway here! What much better time to fantasize about the possibilities than as winter season sets in. (That is, for those souls unfortunate enough to really remain in New York City at the minute. I’m sitting here in 80 degree weather condition listening to Youssou N’Dour and seeming like I have actually in some way cheated winter season yet once again.)

Asbury Park, NJ

convention hall

For much better or for even worse, I am an item of New Jersey, however I had actually never ever been to Asbury Park, the coast town made well-known by Bruce Springsteen. I do not like the one in charge (do individuals still call him that?), and I like however do not enjoy the beach. Still, it felt time to check out, so we did.

Initially we stopped at Wawa for required hoagies, which figured into my youth far, much more than Springsteen’s music. That’s my buddy, Simona, listed below. We have actually been going to Wawa en route to the Jersey Coast for near to 25 years now.

Wawa hoagies

It was a gorgeous day for decreasing the coast, as they state in my house state. Listed below you can see both the boardwalk and the convention center, integrated in 1929 and just recently rejuvenated.


The town was adorable. I ‘d return.

carousel and rainbow

Planting Fields Arboretum, Oyster Bay

coe hall

I had no concept this location existed till my buddy recommended going on the spur of the minute. It is a gorgeous state park that consists of a grand estate that you can explore, Coe Hall, and 400 acres of land with simple strolling routes criss-crossing it. There are likewise some quite landscaped locations like the one listed below.


Roosevelt Island


I had actually been wishing to visit this island to the east of Manhattan (and thought about part of Manhattan district) for several years, however I never ever made it there till my business held its summer season picnic there. It deserved the wait, a charming reprieve from the city. Watching out to Long Island City and Manhattan from the waterside, it felt strangely peaceful and tranquil.


Long Island City appeared like the countryside at points! (Well, if you ignore the 2 huge apartment.)


I found my preferred little individuals from the Union Square train station making a look on the waterside too.


There was a beautiful-looking church that I would have liked to check out, however none of the doors were opened.


There was likewise a post-Revolutionary War-era home called Blackwell Home, integrated in 1796, whose doors were opened however which was obviously not open to the general public. (I got unclean appearances from individuals inside when I peaked in.)


I strolled to the south end of the island, where there is an actually lovely park.


There is a bust of Roosevelt and an amazing view of the United Nations.


And it is a stone’s toss from the deserted smallpox healthcare facility that was put up in the mid 1800’s.


After strolling the border of the (little) island, I took the cable car back to the city. It had actually been on my New York City container list permanently. And once again, it deserved the wait. I delighted in skyrocketing (gradually) into Manhattan like a bird might.


Shelter Island


I had actually likewise wished to check out Shelter Island for several years however it’s a (little) discomfort to get to. You need to take a (brief) ferryboat flight from either the North Fork or South Fork (i.e. the Hamptons) of Long Island, which is an hour-plus flight from the city by either automobile or train.

Once you exist, it is so euphoric.

We picked up coffee at a little coffee shop and wound up sitting there for 2 hours checking out the paper and gazing at the water.


Then we headed to a gorgeous hotel ignoring the water for lunch. We just wound up resting on the beach for like a half hour since the other locations we sat very first were so tough to budge from.


I want to return next summer season and sit all the time by that swimming pool that is hardly noticeable below the blue umbrellas. Shelter Island is a location to sit idly and gladly.