speaking of kennings …

speaking of kennings …


… I was erasing some images from my laptop computer the other day and discovered one that I took of a page from Iceland Air’s in-flight publication en route to Reykjavik. On the page were a lot of realities about the Icelandic language. At the time, I believed I would share a few of them when I published my Iceland images, however by the time I navigated to that, I had actually forgotten it.

With the passage of practically a year, there’s just one reality on the page that I still discover fascinating. And I simply understood that coincidentally, it is a reality about a kenning, whose meaning– a substance word with a metaphorical significance– I simply found out.

” Icelanders have actually picked their preferred word in a nationwide referendum: Ljósmóðir(actually, ‘mom of light’) is the Icelandic word for midwife.”

Isn’t that such a stunning word and a stunning belief? It advises me of the Spanish expression for “to deliver”: dar a luz ( provide to light), which I just understand since I found it on a check in a healthcare facility waiting space

It would make good sense that Icelandic would be kenning-heavy, because kennings come from Old Norse (and Old English), a precursor to Icelandic. And according to Wikipedia, “Because the composed language has actually not altered much, Icelanders have the ability to check out timeless Old Norse literature developed in the 10 th through 13 th centuries with relative ease.”

I’m not exactly sure whether this counts as a kenning, however I likewise simply found this Icelandic word that I like: gluggaveður, which indicates window-weather (weather condition = glugga; window = veður). It describes “weather that is great to take a look at through a window, however not great to be out in.”

Oh words, you wonderful poetic things!