Sorry you do not have this view from your workplace (I do not either– it’s Mamie’s)

Sorry you do not have this view from your workplace (I do not either– it’s Mamie’s)

Mamies office

While my Web connection Chez Lo is much faster now than it was 2 years earlier (when it was essentially non-existent), it is still not excellent. Which is why it has actually taken me 2 days and counting to submit my Vodoun Celebration videos to YouTube so that I can share my next installation in the Benin-Togo-Ghana narrates.

Ideally I’ll have the ability to publish them early next week, however in the meantime, here are some links I stocked so that I might one day share them here for your reading satisfaction:

An entertaining essay: Does Duolingo even work?

I have actually published here prior to about untranslatable words in other languages It’s fascinating to see what the French think about to be untranslatable words in English

Here’s a short article from a couple of months earlier– about why the French do not reveal enjoyment— that is in fact rather apropos for me to share now, the exact same week as my post about amusing synthetic amis

Even passive direct exposure can assist you discriminate speech in another language, so placed on that background radio/TV/computer/ iPad!

That advises me of the Paul Noth animation in the New Yorker that made me seriously LOL a number of weeks ago:

screen time

And with that, I’m ignoring my screen and going to sleep.

Oh, wait, prior to I do. another informative and ever so somewhat appropriate thing I check out ages ago however never ever shared (and which advises me, perversely, to motivate you to have a look at my Instagram profile if you wish to see a few of my getaway pix ahead of me publishing them here):

Great night and excellent weekend, all!