Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone


Lastly navigating to publishing about my journey to Sierra Leone, where I chose operate in March.

The very first thing you must understand is that when you fly in to Freetown, you do not really fly in to Freetown. You fly in to an airport throughout the bay from the city.


Then you take a half hour speedboat trip throughout the water. It’s not incredibly enjoyable, particularly if the wind is up and you’re coming off a couple of hours of flying.


Fortunately the waters were fairly calm en route to Freetown. (The return journey was another story.)

My very first view of Freetown, listed below. See that haze? Obviously the harmattan winds that blow into Dakar from the Sahara throughout the late cold weather continue their journey all the method to Sierra Leone. IMG_8333

I invested a day conference with individuals in the Freetown workplace and after that the next early morning we went out early to check out program websites.IMG_8362

We began in the Bo location. The very first day we consumed lunch in Obama’s Bar & Dining establishment.


I consumed among the specials, potato leaf and rice, which everybody ensured me would not be spicy. Hahahahaha. I needed to stop at a number of indicate fan my mouth and await it to cool off. I do not understand what type of pepper they put in this meal, however it is no joke– even if it hardly signs up on the Sierra Leonean spiciness meter.


Throughout the four-day journey we passed through a big part of the nation, checking out Pujehun in the south, Bo in the center, and Makeni further north. Sadly I didn’t take lots of non-work-related pictures throughout the journey, however I did peep some lovely surroundings from the cars and truck …




Sierra Leone’s main language is English however the lingua franca is Krio (Creole). I discovered it to be an interesting language. If I focused my brain, unwinded my ears (do not ask me how), and fell under the rhythm of it, I might frequently get the essence of what individuals were stating. However if I didn’t truly tune in intentionally, it sounded entirely muddled to me– despite the fact that the language is based mainly on English. On paper, particular expressions practically appear like translation riddles that can be resolved with a mix of reasoning and imagination. For instance, Welbodi Na Jentri in the poster listed below translates approximately to “health is wealth,” due to the fact that welbodi(which I presume originates from well body) suggests health, and jentri(which I’m thinking originates from gentry) suggests abundant. Here is a krio phrasebook, if you’re interested.IMG_8448

En route back into Freetown I remained over night at the Tacugama chimpanzee sanctuary on the borders of the city. I had not become aware of it prior to; somebody in the Sierra Leone workplace asked me if I wished to visit it on my 2nd to last night rather of remaining at the expensive hotel in Freetown. I resembled, “Chimps? Sure!”IMG_8521

Over night visitors remain in eco-lodge “treehouses” in the middle of the forest. It’s a little spooky to go to sleep alone in a hut in the middle of a pitch black jungle, however it was a delight to get up in the low light to the hoots of the chimps speaking with each other simply previous dawn. (They reside in an enclosure that is a couple of hundred feet from the human sleeping quarters.)


After breakfast I signed up with the everyday trip of the chimp sanctuary. Below is phase one, a quarantine location where chimps saved from personal houses, dreadful zoos, traffickers, and so on go when they initially get here. A few of them have actually never ever resided in the wild prior to, so they require to be gradually re-acclimated not just to the environment however likewise to the social setting. These brand-new chimps likewise require to be separated from the chimps who are currently in Tacugama, for enough time to guarantee they do not present any illness into the population.


The chimps have actually frequently had extremely disappointments with people so it’s not unusual for them to toss rocks up at individuals seeing them from the observation deck. Whenever among them tossed a rock, it made me truly unfortunate. IMG_8540

Phase 2 is listed below. Private chimps are put in a big cage and members of the phase 3 groups can concern check out in a monitored method.


If and when the chimp is invited by the group, he carries on to stage 3, signing up with the group in the “wild.” I do not have photos of that phase due to the fact that I just saw the chimps fleetingly in the cleaning (when an employee tossed them some peanuts) prior to they scuttled back into the trees. Phase 3 is a big swathe of forest confined by an amazed fence. Aside from the odd peanut toss, the chimps are on their own when they reach this phase. There is a theoretical phase 4 when the animals are launched into the real wild, however no chimps have actually done that yet and truthfully I can’t keep in mind precisely why.


Back in Freetown on my last day in the nation, I was hectic with work and didn’t have time to check out the historical center of the city or to get to River Second Beach, reputedly among the most lovely beaches worldwide. However I did see some lovely views nevertheless:


Which’s it for Sierra Leone, due to the fact that it’s 1: 30 am and time for bed …