Oh, the locations I have actually gone!

Oh, the locations I have actually gone!

python temple

The journey I have actually simply returned from, which took me through Benin, Togo and Ghana, was among the very best of my life thanks completely to the Benin part. I feel that my brand-new life’s calling is to work for the Benin Tourist Board. Individuals need to be flooding into the nation every January for the amazing Vodoun Celebration and to check out Abomey, capital of the interesting Dahomey kingdom. On the other hand, thinking about that I was frightened by the bad habits I saw on the part of numerous travelers throughout my journey, possibly it’s not the very best concept to motivate more to come.

I’ll fill out the information when I publish images and videos over the next couple of weeks. There is a lot ground to cover, both actually and figuratively, that I’ll divide things up into workable pieces.

Initially, I’ll share some images of Cotonou, my arrival city in Benin, at the end of this post.dahomey palace

Next: Abomey (above), a truly lovely town with the most incredible history– and folklore. Thanks to my journey there, I am now switching e-mails with a sincere to goodness queen. I likewise got my very first genuine intro to Vodoun in Abomey (listed below).

vodoun figures

After that: Allada and Ouidah for the Vodoun Celebration (listed below)

vodoun festival


Next: Ouidah’s history in the servant trade (listed below)

ouidah slave market

After that: Lomé, the capital of Togo (listed below)


Followed by: Accra, Ghana (listed below)


Followed by: the servant forts of Cape Coast and Elmina in Ghana (listed below)cape coast castle

Lastly: Kakum National Forest (listed below), and if I still feel oddly forced to air my unclean laundry (pun quite meant) by the time I navigate to composing this post, I might likewise share a story that discusses why I no longer feel bad about disliking Ghanaian food.

kakum national park canopy walk


In the meantime, here are those guaranteed images of Cotonou. I just had a couple of hours in Cotonou prior to going out to Abomey however considering that I had actually been to Cotonou (and the close-by lake towns) for work 2 years earlier, I didn’t have much ground to cover. I struck a couple of areas I missed out on the very first time around. To wit:

The Artisans’ Town (listed below, simply one small piece of it), which exists in some kind or style in nearly every West African city I have actually been to, is the most main location to purchase handmade keepsakes, and as such deals the very best opportunity of not going house with a “authentic memento” made in a Chinese factory.

cotonou village artisinal

Dantokpa market, the biggest outdoor market in West Africa, where I went to the fetish market and numerous other areas however took no images due to the fact that I currently stood out like an aching thumb and didn’t wish to a. draw a lot more attention to myself or b. need to pay everybody I took an image of (this is the basic guideline at the marketplace and in numerous other parts of Benin and I wish to discuss this in a later post.) Rather I took these wide-shot images dealing with the other instructions, into the river, where pirogues bring up with individuals concerning market from all over the area.

cotonou dantokpa boats 1cotonou dantokpa boats 2cotonou dantokpa boats 3

After the marketplace we (the chauffeur I worked with by means of the hotel, and I) had lunch at Chez Maman Benin, a dining establishment I had actually wished to go to 2 years ago however which was closed on the one day I had adequate time to go (my A-type brain truly took pleasure in closing the loop on that one), and after that we got in the vehicle and headed for Abomey.

Like I stated, get delighted!

P.S. The leading picture is of me at the Python Temple in Ouidah. I felt the requirement to make up for my worry of roaches by accepting the invite to use a python around my neck. I was not as delighted as I looked.