My gray locations

My gray locations


Much as I want I were an easygoing individual who might live quickly with unpredictability, I am not. Though in theory terrific, in practice I do not like gray locations of any kind. Among the gray zones I am most irritated by is the one developed by stopovers in states or nations I have actually never ever been. Having actually touched down on Chilean tarmac and invested 3 hours in the Santiago airport en path to Buenos Aires, for instance, I may declare to have actually been to Chile. However having never ever really stepped foot on Chilean soil or inhaled fresh Chilean air, I do not feel that I can. Rather, I picture myself inhabiting an unpleasant liminal state in between having actually been and not having actually been, that need to be remedied by going on a genuine see to Chile as quickly as possible. Many people might shelve that sensation, or would not have it in the very first location. However I like things black and white, therefore it nags at me.

Here are my gray location locations. Thankfully, I really do wish to check out the majority of them. Sadly, I do not have strategies to do so anytime quickly. As the list grows, so does my pain.



( The most noteworthy information of my stopover was when a female in the restroom stall beside me barfed all over the flooring and it began permeating into my view. How can I have not genuinely been to Chile when I was shocked by an experience I had there? It’s a paradox.)



( B elow, a view of Bamako, where I invested an hour resting on an airplane with the doors broad open, unpleasant my “no fresh air” guideline.)

bamako from the air


( I took a train from Good to Rome and it holed up through the whole small nation of Monaco in less than twenty minutes. I just saw a look of it out the rear view mirror from Italy, so to speak.)

U.S. States:


( I have actually been through the Atlanta airport two times. Georgia stays the only state on the East Coast that I have not formally checked out.)

Ohio/ Kentucky

( This one is a double whammy since I flew through the Cincinnati, Ohio airport just to later on discover it’s technically in northern Kentucky, which indicates I now need to check out both states to put the pain to bed …)

… Or I might simply discover to deal with the gray locations of through-travel, and life in basic.

Does anybody else have this specific brand name of neurosis or am I the just one squandering brain area on it?