making my method back

making my method back


It’s been some time (once again). I have actually been hectic in the non-virtual world with things that felt a lot more prompt and immediate than composing article. However today, for the very first time in months, the day extended ahead of me with absolutely nothing in specific requiring my attention. So I’m utilizing the time to share simply a couple of things I have actually discovered especially amusing, remarkable, and/or motivating over the previous couple of months of being homebound. (I’m working back up to speed prior to sharing, at long last, my pix from Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal in December and from Austrai-Slovenia-Italy in February.)

” Mysteries of Vernacular” is a magnificently animated brief video series that describes the etymology of fascinating words from A to Z.

I found out the word “kenning” from the Mysteries of Vernacular video about the origin of “window,” which led me to look for a list of kennings, a few of which are extremely gorgeous

Resources for finding out a brand-new language from house.

6 virtual train trips you can draw from house.

Window Swap welcomes you to “open a brand-new window, someplace on the planet.” It is so meditative, life-expanding, and terrific. And it likewise assisted me to understand that my geographical sweet area is grassy alpine mountains. (I would relocate to the area in the window above in a heart beat.)

Lastly, a nonsense-English tune that is so appealing, I had it in my head for WEEKS after listening to it.

I discovered it through Atlas Obscura, which looks into the remarkable history of composing in ridiculous languages.