Kenya: previous Western Province

Kenya: previous Western Province

IMG_2619 Obviously Kenya sliced up their huge provinces into little counties more than 5 years earlier, however everybody described where we went as Western. It was much easier than defining the 3 various counties we checked out in the southwest corner of the nation.

I assured photos from (previous) Western at the end of my Nairobi post, however I simply recognized I hardly took any with my phone. I did take a lots of images and video with my video camera, however it was all job-related and I like to keep that different from what I publish here. In any case, I primarily simply wish to reveal you this small aircraft I flew in.


It had 10 seats consisting of the 2 seats for the pilots. I felt airsick prior to liftoff, I was so worried. However it was in fact among the best flights I have actually taken, although the wind was going bananas prior to launch (take a look at the tree in the image above!).IMG_2546

We arrived on a small airstrip in Kitale, which was likewise a very first for me. And I should state, I’m confident it’s likewise a last. Although it’s illogical, I simply seem like the larger the aircraft, the more secure I’ll be.


Western is extremely, extremely lavish and green, as you can see from the leading post. It seemed like a location that does not absence for rain and abundance. My coworker informed me that it is certainly called Kenya’s veggie basket.

Since I do not have much to reveal you, please humor me and enable me to provide to you yet another very first for me– popcorn on the cob.

IMG_2560 We stopped on the roadside for grilled corn, and the supplier asked me what kind I desired. I can’t remember what choices she provided me however I understand absolutely nothing about corn so I was puzzled by them. I wound up indicating a piece that looked yummy, and I was stunned to discover that it was by turns chewy and crispy.


Did you understand that young corn– the kind whose kernels are a bit milky– is much better for roasting? The older the corn, the more difficult and clothes dryer it is, which implies you might simply wind up with popcorn. Who understood? Not I.

Lastly, I leave you with my one excellent photo from Western, of Lake Victoria. We dropped in enough time to take a photo, generally, due to the fact that we were running late to the airport.


By the way, Obama’s grandma lives about 35 miles away. I wished to go visit her however a. we would have missed our aircraft (fortunately not a small one on the return journey) and b. obviously after Obama was chosen the Kenya federal government provided her a 24- hour security information So you can’t simply drop in.

My next Kenyan dispatch will be overruning with beautiful beach pictures and gladly doing not have in rambling ideas about corn, I guarantee.