Kenya: Masai Mara safari

Kenya: Masai Mara safari


The Masai Mara National Reserve is a fairly little triangle of arrive at the Kenyan side of its southern border with Tanzania. On the Tanzania side, the park continues southward as the much bigger Serengeti. I had actually been on safari in the Serengeti and surrounding locations of Tanzania 3 years back, and it was terrific. I didn’t feel the requirement to duplicate the experience in Kenya, other than for 2 things. Firstly, we had actually wanted to see the yearly wildebeest migration in Tanzania however simply missed it– the herds had actually currently moved north into Kenya by the time we got here. I took place to be in Kenya at the start of August, prime-time show for the migration, therefore I felt forced to take another shot– after all, I had actually heard that the migration is genuinely legendary. Second of all, despite the fact that the Tanzania safari taught me that it is difficult for me to communicate wild animals when surrounded by a million other safari cars and trucks and individuals leaning out of them to snap images, it likewise taught me that the surroundings because part of the world is spectacular. I wished to return not to see safari animals however to see the landscapes around them.


It is fortunate that my very first safari was an almost ideal experience. We saw the Huge 5 (and beyond), had an incredible guide who genuinely liked sharing his understanding and knowledge with us, and had the ability to invest strong pieces of time simply looking at animals as they did their thing. The 3 day, 2 night safari I went on in the Masai Mara managed none of those things. The greatest issue was that the guide was dreadful in almost every method possible. I will not enter it other than to state that it taught me 2 important lessons. One, your guide can make or break your safari, so it deserves spending quality time to research study both the safari business AND the guides who deal with the business, so that you can ask for a well-reviewed guide by name. 2, lots of safari business offer bundles that are really supplied by other business. If you do not book straight with the supplying business, you’ll be paying a surprise charge to the “broker” business, and there will be less responsibility if something fails.


With that stated, while our safari guide was an asshole who ruined a great deal of things, I still saw fantastic things and had a fun time. Due to the fact that I existed mostly for the landscapes, and the landscapes provided in spades, the important things that failed didn’t disturb me for long.


Due to the fact that the other individuals on the safari had actually never ever been on one in the past, they didn’t recognize the level to which their experience might have been much better if the guide didn’t draw, and they, too, were slightly irritated however still in great spirits.

When you go on safari as a solo tourist they stick you on a “signing up with safari,” which is a collection of other songs and couples. The group of individuals I was with– 4 people from Germany, Sweden, India, and Spain, in addition to a Spanish couple– was truly terrific. We liked each other a lot that we produced a WhatsApp group prior to parting methods. Who understands, possibly one day our courses will cross once again.


Sadly, though I saw countless wildebeest moving (which was undoubtedly legendary), we didn’t see them crossing the Mara River in NatGeo-worthy numbers.


The most I saw was a single-file line of wildebeest detouring around a puddle that was what was left of the dried-up river at that crossing point.


I seemed like I was taking a look at a real-life New Yorker animation about unsatisfied expectations.

I picked to blame it on the motorist being too lazy to drive us to a more inflamed part of the river where we may have seen more. However I am not truly sure if he or nature take supreme duty for the wildebeest stop working. In any case, I didn’t sweat it excessive.

I saw numerous other gorgeous things.

Sky paintings …



A cute child monkey …


If you look carefully s/he is breastfeeding.


A number of lions …


… among whom looked MGM-like …


Animal salads, aka numerous types agreeably co-existing and intermingling …


Huge, gorgeous savannah topped by large, gorgeous skies …


And all way of stunning light.


For me, the Masai Mara safari wound up being less about animals and a lot more about delighting in gorgeous views with great individuals (aside from the motorist, obviously).

Which concludes my Kenya posts … in the nick of time to return to Kenya! I am going to a work conference in Nairobi at the end of January, so I will be heading back in a couple of weeks. It’s surreal that after wishing to go to Kenya for years, I will now be checking out two times in 6 months. It’s likewise disquieting, vis a vis my carbon footprint. 2020 is going to be a year of reckoning for me because regard …