Kenya: Karen and the Ngong Hills

Kenya: Karen and the Ngong Hills


This post will cover 2 various trips in the very same basic geographical area– one was a full-day getaway to Karen, a gorgeous and chic residential area of Nairobi, and one was a half-day journey to the Ngong Hills, which are simply beyond Karen. Both locations were rejuvenating and wonderful.

On the very first main day of my getaway, I took a taxi with a Kenyan coworker to the base of the Ngong Hills Nature Reserve. We climbed a high hill past herds of sheep with tinkling bells.


My coworker, Esther, described to me that herders bring the sheep here to chomp on yard throughout the day, and after that they take them pull back the hill to their particular houses at sunset.


About midway up the hill, we reached our location, Kompass Dining establishment. The lunch alternatives are treat bar-esque however the views are Noise of Music-esque. On one side, you watch out over the Great Rift Valley …


… and on the other, you see green, green, and more green that ultimately paves the way to Nairobi and after that to more mountains in the range. I soaked it in like the life-giving force that it was.

ngong hills view

Cut to a couple of days later on, at the tail end of my getaway. I headed back to Karen for a full-day expedition with Esther and another lady I fulfilled on the Masai Mara safari I had actually returned from the day previously.

Karen is house to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which saves and restores orphaned elephants and rhinos so that they can be (ideally) went back to the wild. At 11 am every early morning, you can check out throughout child elephant feeding time, and if you’re fortunate you can family pet among the little men.


In spite of the duplicated guidelines for the audience to be quiet so as not to terrify the elephants, there was a consistent stream of hardly reduced screeches. It’s sort of inescapable when a (fairly) tiny elephant is on display screen drinking formula out of an infant bottle.


I got to hear more elephant chewing noises, which I believe is among my preferred noises on earth. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust need to think about doing ASMR videos, to recover human beings as much as elephants.


They messed around in the mud a lot, and all bets were off. Individuals laughed and screeched with happy desert.


Next stop was the Giraffe Center, where you can feed the Rothschild giraffes in their care. We passed the Giraffe Manor en route in, and I recognized that the hotel of Instagram legend— which has a tremendous $800- something per night cost– is on the very same home, which indicates that those suckers are paying $800- something more than I did simply for a manor home background (well, that and an actually great hotel stay). You can get the very same specific giraffe-at-eye-level experience right next door at the Giraffe Center, with the very same population of giraffes, for about $15


Their heads are truly a lot more enormous up close than you understand when you’re taking a look at them from the ground. Likewise, their tongues are a lot more sand-papery and covered in slime than one would anticipate. We were each provided a little bag of food pellets to feed them with and each and every single time one licked a pellet off of my hand, I got slimed.


Worth it.

From there we went to lunch at Talisman, which is embeded in a gorgeous garden and has scrumptious food– the very best I consumed in Nairobi and area.



Then we picked up a fast journey to Kazuri beads, which ended up being a longer journey when we recognized they offer totally free trips of the workshop. The business was begun by an ex-pat in the 1970’s. They have actually given that grown from 3 to 340 team member, the majority of whom are single moms and/or from low-income neighborhoods.


We saw how they form and glaze the beads …


… in addition to how they fire them.


And after that we checked out the present store, where I purchased some candle light holders embellished with beads, and a number of little containers (they make ceramic tableware also). I didn’t purchase the wall hanging listed below, due to the fact that it was escape of my rate variety, however isn’t it gorgeous? Keep in mind the dancing individuals and animals within.


After that minor detour we skedaddled to the Karen Blixen Museum for among the last trips of the day.


Karen Blixen aka Isak Dinesen is the author of “Out of Africa,” her memoirs of the years she invested in the farm that as soon as covered nearly all of what is now the residential area of Karen. On the little tract that is left of the home, there is still some farm devices from the time.IMG_4638

The within your home, where photography is not enabled, looks comparable to how it was when Blixen lived there, due to the fact that the museum redeemed much of the furnishings that she offered when she left Africa.IMG_4641

Both the within your home and the premises are gorgeous.


From the side lawn, there is a view of the Ngong Hills that throughout Blixen’s layover was a lot more continuous and extensive. Each and every single time I captured that view, I heard a Meryl Streep-like voice in my head, intoning, ” I had a farm in Africa at the foot of the Ngong Hills,” and after that a shiver would go through me. Ultimately, the shiver gone away and inconvenience set in. It took place like twenty-seven times. IMG_4681

Which, in a nutshell or possibly a bit more, is Karen and the Ngong Hills. Stunning, sensational, I would even state wonderful.

And topped just by the elegance that was my 2 days in paradise at Lake Naivasha. That is showing up next, in addition to Hell’s Gate (which, in spite of the name, was likewise divine).