Ghana: Kakum National Forest

Ghana: Kakum National Forest


I am so behind on publishing about my journeys. This is the conclusion of my January trip series, more than 3 months after the truth. However as you’ll quickly find out, Ghana was the present that keeps offering, so maybe it’s fitting that my last post about the nation is composed from the viewpoint of somebody whose body left months ago however whose gastrointestinal system stays stuck there. My next post will handle that sordid affair, however for now let’s adhere to Ghana’s natural appeal, on complete screen at Kakum National Forest

I ended last time at Elmina and Cape Coast, where I went to 2 servant forts. Throughout the exact same journey, prior to heading back to Accra, we drove an hour north to Kakum for a fast canopy walk, which I had actually heard was a not-to-be-missed experience.


It remains in truth a very-much-to-be-missed experience if you have any sort of worry of heights. I generally do, however in this case I uncharacteristically did not suffer vertigo when I looked down from each of the 7 sidewalks suspended in between a few of the highest treetops. It was a very lovely view every which method you turned and I took pleasure in being high above it– 30 meters, to be precise.


I require to be sincere, however– my stress and anxiety levels shot right up when I discovered that there were areas of the wire-and-rope bridge that appeared quite torn. The sidewalks were created by a number of Canadian engineers nearly 25 years back, and I hesitated to ask how frequently they are kept. Nevertheless, understand that a. a little wear and tear in metal webbed cable televisions is most likely more aesthetically troubling than really hazardous, and b. I am a scaredy feline who overreacts, and c. in spite of my nervousness, I still believe that the experience was wonderful and well worth the detour from the coast.


And … that’s it for Ghana, per se Next up, an extremely shitty story.