de retour

de retour

retour a dakar

I’m composing from Dakar, where I have actually when again resided with La Famille Lo The oldest kid and his 4 year-old are now living here; it’s ended up being rather a capacity and I enjoy being reunited with all of them.

The passage of 2 years has actually brought great deals of modifications. Mamie (Cécile) found out how to drive and purchased a vehicle. She frequently participates in Toastmasters in both French and English and when her sibling, Tantie (Armande), isn’t offered, she pitches Tantie’s natural juice business to prospective suppliers and financiers. She’s likewise hectic thinking up company concepts of her own. All of this blows my mind considering that throughout the year I coped with Mamie, she regularly and continuously revealed worry– even panic– at the concept of both driving and public speaking. Her self-confidence appears to have actually grown by leaps and bounds and it’s a fantastic thing to witness.

Tantie, on the other hand, finished from university and did an apprenticeship of sorts with a natural farm in the countryside. Then she released her business, which in addition to offering homemade juices, likewise links natural farmers in Senegal with fruit and vegetables markets in Dakar. She just recently won 2 different incubator grants and went to Egypt as part of among the programs. It was her very first time on an aircraft in addition to her very first time out of the nation, and she liked every minute of it.

Third-born Andre finished from his master’s program and began operating at an expensive downtown hotel, in their personnels department. I now see him in fits most of the time. The oldest kid, on the other hand, was operating in the IT department of a bank when I was here last time; now he’s with a federal government ministry, which seems like a huge action up.

And Mr. And Mrs. Lo are plugging along as normal. The only huge distinction in their lives appears to be the addition of a naughty kid keeping their hands complete. I think less modifications when you remain in your 60 s and 80 s than when you remain in your 20 s and 30 s.

I entered town on the fourth of January however left prior to dawn on the sixth for my Benin-Togo-Ghana experience and just returned on the 17 th. That indicates I have not really invested much time in Dakar yet. I’m anticipating settling in, and to sharing photos from my journey as quickly as I get myself located.

A bientôt, alors …