Dakar’s spectacular railway station

Dakar’s spectacular railway station


On Saturday when I walked downtown, I got a better take a look at the remodelled railway station, which I had actually peeped from the vehicle a couple of weekends back. Here are some much better images than the ones I published then.

The station was inaugurated in 1914 and headed out of service about 100 years later on after both the Dakar-Bamako and Dakar-St. Louis guest trains stopped running (I think the rural commuter line relocated to a station a little more north however I’m not completely sure.)

For a couple of years, there were strategies to destroy the station and construct a park there rather, however fortunately that potential travesty never ever happened. Rather, the federal government chose to remodel the station and make it the southern terminus of the brand-new reveal commuter line that goes through the residential areas and ends at the just-finished airport an hour beyond town.


I have actually likewise become aware of strategies to fix up and relaunch the Dakar-Bamako line, which would thrill me ought to it ever in fact take place. I have actually seen video footage of the 40+ hour journey and it appears like the things of dreams(stressed by severe monotony, tiredness, and pain). In the meantime, I’m thrilled to see my preferred structure in the area being resuscitated and gone back to its previous elegance.

P.S. Chemins de fer ( actual translation: course of iron) is such a stunning method to state railway, do not you believe?