D.C. blues

D.C. blues

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Hi from completion of another long, unfortunate, frightening week in lock-down. My brain seems like it has actually invested excessive time in a milk frother, which simile most likely pertained to me since I invested the last hour decreasing a web bunny hole comparing moka pots for no noticeable factor. Right before that, I composed a group text to my sis, sibling, and dad to inform them we need to have a surprise virtual celebration for my mother’s 75 th birthday next week. Just I composed the text to my sis, sibling, and mom. For 3 days in a row today, I didn’t seem like leaving your house even to get a couple of minutes of fresh air, so I didn’t. And I nearly forgot to consume supper the other day. When I lastly kept in mind, I boiled some spaghetti in boxed chicken broth and called it a night.

I am, obviously, specific that I am not alone in my despair and agitation. I understand that I am alone together, as it were. That just makes me sadder. The weight of the world’s discomfort, and the large variety of variations on that discomfort, is squashing.

I didn’t discuss it in my last post, which seems like a million years earlier, however I moved into a brand-new house– my very first lease in 6 years!– on March 14, simply as social distancing was taking hold in New york city. It was, to state the least, really difficult. I had actually been eagerly anticipating beginning afresh in my preferred New york city area, and to purchasing non-Ikea, non-used furnishings for the very first time ever. To making my home a house. Rather, my couch shipment is forever held off, I have just my desk chair to rest on (and no desk), and a great deal of my things are still in boxes since there are no racks to put them on.

However today I got the pillow inserts I bought recently– a little intense area since it indicated that for the very first time given that I purchased them 3 years earlier in Dakar, I might utilize the wax-print pillow covers I enjoy a lot.

As I was putting the pillows in the events, I smelled my supper burning on the range and understood that I was making Senegalese food while appreciating my Senegalese house products. The last time I had lakh remained in a Saint-Louis hotel in December, where I consumed it every day for breakfast prior to heading out to movie 6 month-old children for an unique job that is now on hold since of Covid-19 I would not have actually been consuming it today other than that I run out will to prepare and it looked like the simplest thing to make in my cabinet. That was in fact my brain being blippy once again. I understand complete well that it’s in fact really labor extensive; if you do not stir it continuously it clumps and burns, which is why deserting it to pack my pillowcases led to my bouille— or porridge, from (I presume) the French word for boil, bouillir — being more toasted than boiled.


Anyhow, given that I was packing Senegalese pillowcases and stirring Senegalese bouille, I chose to make it a three-fer by placing on my beauty pendant with a Senegalese passport entry stamp (from Jet Set Sweet in Grand Central Station). It made me delighted for a couple of minutes, and after that it made me unfortunate once again.senegal charm

Naturally it was bittersweet: the sensation of nearness with Senegal mingled with the incertitude of when I will be back– definitely not in June as formerly prepared– and fret about what will occur there in the meantime.

Numerous bittersweet minutes the previous couple of weeks: the thankfulness for spring joined the understanding some individuals are passing away alone in healthcare facility beds while I am strolling amongst the cherry blooms. The serenity of the silence joined the periodic blare of sirens on ambulances speeding another seriously ill individual to the healthcare facility. The appeal of the bluest skies I have actually ever seen in New York City joined the angst of understanding that as quickly as the economy re-opens, we’ll return to damaging the world. The hope that New york city is past its peak joined the fear that the infection will take off in other locations.

I think bittersweet is the most we can wish for throughout these weird days.

I’m not in fact constructing to anything here; I’m simply setting out my brain-space like a table linen and hoping you do not mind that it’s a bit stained and holey and sort of curtaining over one side more than the other.

Oh! I do have some links for you. Due to the fact that why not. Prior to I share them, I likewise wish to inform you that today I found out a brand-new French word, vulgarisation It indicates … await it … popularization. Can you think how snobby that etymology is !? Repulsive, i.e. course, debased, profane, unrefined, originates from vulgus, suggesting “typical individuals.” Eww.

Anyhow, here are some links that I have actually discovered intriguing while stuck within; perhaps you will, too:

Twenty-five words that are likewise their opposite. Appears proper for this bizarro-life we’re living.

Adorable animal livestreams.

And more animal cuteness.

Utilizing Google Streetview to check out Poland while in quarantine. An outstanding concept.

Teju Cole composed a lovely narrative reflective of this minute.

And here’s an old poem to bring you solace.

Linguists hear an accent start in Antarctica.

Taking a trip by ear: a roundup of travel podcasts.

Remarkable seclusion: how I stopped time by being in a forest for 24 hours.(I read this in January however it appears extremely appropriate today.)

Possibly we might all consider our houses as forests for the next numerous weeks. On that note, attempt to take pleasure in the woods this weekend! And attempt not to get lost in them, spiritually speaking …