brother or sisters and niblings

brother or sisters and niblings


A couple of years back, I recognized that French has no genuine word for brother or sisters If you would like to know whether an individual has any, you ask if they have bros and siblings. I discover it cumbersome and bothersome. At some time in the current past, I found that une fratrie describes a group of brother or sisters, however it’s not a term in daily use, and I believe individuals would take a look at me strangely if I asked whether they have une fratrie

I likewise discover it cumbersome and bothersome that neither French nor English has a genuine word for nieces and nephews … or so I believed. This post about 25 unknown English words presented me to nibling, a neologism created in 1951 to describe either a niece or a nephew; niblings is the plural. Regrettably it never ever captured on, which is an embarassment. I believe it’s both dazzling AND incredibly charming, similar to a word for precious little individuals need to be.

That is all.

[Photo: Ritmó]