brand-new and untranslatable words, for a brand-new and untranslatable time

brand-new and untranslatable words, for a brand-new and untranslatable time

pasteis de nata place in lisbon

I have actually been believing a lot about how the Portugeuse word, “ saudade,” encapsulates my emotion throughout the COVID-19 pandemic– although it is technically untranslatable. However, so is this surreal duration we are enduring. The truth that it defies simple English translation appears rather suitable.

Wikipedia’s meaning:

Saudade is a deep emotion of sentimental or extensive melancholic yearning for a missing something or somebody that a person looks after or enjoys … Additionally, it frequently brings a quelched understanding that the item of yearning may never ever be had once again … It is the recollection of sensations, experiences, locations, or occasions that as soon as brought enjoyment, satisfaction, and wellness, which now set off the senses and make one experience the discomfort of separation from those wondrous experiences.

If that does not completely explain life in the time of coronavirus, I do not understand what does.

The Welsh word, hiraeth, resembles saudade, I just recently discovered. Someone explains it as:

… a mix of homesickness, yearning, fond memories, and yearning, for a house that you can not go back to, no longer exists, or possibly never ever was. It can likewise consist of sorrow or unhappiness for who or what you have actually lost, losses that make your “house” not the like the one you keep in mind.

Yup. I’m a package of saudade and hiraeth nowadays for sure.

On The Other Hand, according to CNN, the Dutch have actually been quickly and intensely creating brand-new words to understand their unique (coronavirus) scenarios. The neologisms consist of huidhonger(skin-hunger) to explain a yearning for human contact while in seclusion, and hoestschaamte(cough embarassment) for a specific COVID-era category of stress and anxiety provoked by coughing in public and triggering a panic. The brand-new lexicon is being gathered in a coronawoordenboek— itself a brand-new word.

Regrettable I do not understand any Dutch. I make sure that dictionary is a cathartic read.

P.S. I simply browsed my Portugal images from 2016 to choose an image for the top of this post, and now my heart really injures, the saudade is frustrating, and I’m going to sleep.