Analyzing 2019

Analyzing 2019


The Great

  • Settled my trainee loans, amounting to almost 6 figures over nearly 10 years, right prior to my 40 th birthday.
  • Among my friends had a much-awaited and charming infant in December. Child L is my most recent New York City pal.
  • Went Back To Senegal, 2 times!
  • Experienced the height of breathtaking culture at the Fête du Vodoun in Benin
  • Checked out 7 new-to-me nations ( Togo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Kenya, Iceland, and Côte d’Ivoire).
  • Checked out one new-to-me state ( Michigan).
  • Turned 40 without significant depressive occurrence (this was a genuine fear/possibility).
  • Went to a great deal of wonderful programs including my 2nd opera ever (Porgy and Bess), a musical (Kinky Boots), theatre ( Swan Lake/Loch na hEala), shows (huge: Phil Collins; little: ESG), museum displays (Leonard Cohen at the Jewish Museum, Egungun at the Brooklyn Museum, Camp at the Met), brand-new museums (Poster Home), and new-to-me museums (Cooper-Hewitt).
  • Got in great deals of great French practice so my speaking abilities didn’t deteriorate too severely.
  • Got thrilled about a documentary job for the very first time in a looong time (eventually it didn’t exercise however I now understand the fire is still alive, and I required that verification).
  • Saw great deals of incredible motion pictures in theater, which ranks amongst my preferred previous times (brand-new: Atlantics, the Goodbye, Booksmart, Letter to the Editor; old: Friday Night, Daisies, Boys N the Hood, Crooklyn).
  • Check out some terrific books (Washington Black, Thich Nhat Hanh’s How to Love, The Women’ Guide to Searching and Fishing, really belatedly I understand).
  • Experienced the mystical wonderful wacky amazingness of Iceland and accumulated months’ worth of tranquil sensations.
  • Used great deals of quality time with my nieces and nephew and visited my sis and brother-in-law in Portland.
  • Strengthened some brand-new relationships, captured up personally with pals I had not seen in years, and in basic invested great deals of quality time with incredible individuals that I’m glad to understand and enjoy.
  • Began running once again after a nearly yearlong lapse.


  • Shit my trousers.
  • Tried to pee in a plastic bag, unsuccessfully.
  • Spent 45% of the year bouncing around abroad, and it was suddenly neither an enjoyable nor an advantage.
  • Continued to question life’s significance and my function.
  • Stressed about how I am going to fill 25 more years of my working life prior to retirement.
  • Different body parts began to malfunction and I understood that post-40 is simply a sluggish march towards death.

Unsure that anything can actually exceed shitting one’s trousers and sustaining incapacitating existential angst, however on the whole, I seem like the proficient at least cancelled the bad in2019 I’ll call that a pretty good year. And I’m going for an outstanding2020

Pleased brand-new year! May all your 2020 visions be understood.