Advantages occur in 3s

Advantages occur in 3s


I simply understood that the other day was the 3 year anniversary of the day I very first landed in Dakar, bleary- and wide-eyed in equivalent step. I’m so, so grateful to be back, particularly in February when the weather condition is (mainly) beautiful. Throughout this time of year, the Harmattan winds do tend to sweep in and turn the sky yellow-colored and cover whatever with dust for days at a time. That’s no enjoyable, however understanding it’s sand from the Sahara desert being transferred on us is quite cool. I likewise discover it cool that despite the fact that I have actually just invested about 15 months in Dakar overall, this is my 3rd February here.

I’m investing this weekend prepping for my very first shoot of this journey (occurring on Monday), in addition to expanding my concepts for a documentary that is getting me extremely delighted despite the fact that I have not even asked the desired topics of the movie for approval to make it yet. Getting ahead of myself is my M.O. in life, and while it has its disadvantages it likewise provides me great deals of fodder for wonderful visions, which I delight in.

On that note, I will now turn from words on (digital) paper to images on digital video.

However initially, simply to finish the style, 3 lovely structures I passed in the downtown community of Plateau today (the one at the top of this post was not a lot lovely as extremely unusual– keep in mind the ceramic swans!). Have a charming weekend, and see you next week!