A brand-new museum– side by side with an old, lovely station

A brand-new museum– side by side with an old, lovely station

IMG_6838 When I flew into Dakar 3 years earlier, the city held a lot mystique. I had actually invested practically 25 years picturing what the sights and noises and sensation of Dakar may be without having any hint how close my concepts were to truth.

Then I invested a year living here and checking out the city’s ins and outs. Among the important things I like most about Dakar is its scale– in simply over thirteen months I had the ability to check out virtually every area and knock off practically every product on my list of intriguing locations to see and things to do.

When I flew back into the city at the start of this year, aside from the truth that there was an entire brand-new airport (!), whatever felt extremely familiar. All of my old preferred locations were still there, standing the test of time. Another thing I like about Dakar is its sneaking speed of modification in contrast to New york city. There is sprawl and gentrification and insane over-construction for sure, and it brings turmoil, displacement, and inequality with it. However– once again, just as compared to New york city, where whenever you blink another neighborhood organization vanishes– it feels much slower and more workable.

And … a few of the advancement is extremely welcome.


Case in point: the brand-new Museum of Black Civilizations, which opened in January. I went to recently and it has some spectacular art and artifacts inside.






Smithsonian Publication composes:

A little over half a century earlier, Léopold Sédar Senghor, the very first president of post-independence Senegal, revealed his strategies to develop a significant museum of African culture in the nation’s capital of Dakar. Senghor, who passed away in 2001, did not live to see his dream satisfied. Now, at long last, his vision is concerning fulfillment … Senegal has actually opened a vast museum that commemorates black civilizations from around the world– and professionals are hailing the organization as a crucial advance in the effort to recover African artifacts ransacked throughout the colonial duration.

It both saddens and irritates me to understand that I have actually had much better gain access to in New york city (and London, and Paris) to West African art work and cultural things than the majority of West Africans carry out in their house nations. So, it was heartening to check out the brand-new museum recently and to see the lovely exhibitions of ancient and modern work– along with all of the as-of-yet empty area that can be utilized for, to name a few things, products returned from abroad. (Restitution efforts were kicked up a notch in November with publication of a French-commissioned report suggesting complete repatriation of looted cultural heritage to any African country that demands it.)

It was likewise the most incredible surprise to pass my preferred location in the area– the old colonial railway station simply next door to the museum– and see that instead of being taken down and rebuilded over the previous 2 years, it has actually rather been offered brand-new life in the type of a cleansing, a paint task, and some brand-new glass.IMG_6808

It is now much more spectacular than it utilized to be. I took these pictures from the vehicle as we drove past, and I’ll attempt to come down there to have a look at the area on foot quickly.

IMG_6809 The station works as the terminus of the just-finished railway in between the brand-new airport and Dakar. I have not actually kept up on those advancements so I have no concept if the line is thought about an advantage, a bad thing, or a little of both. However the rehab of a stunning rotting train station appears 100% fantastic.